Social Media Advocacy

Below are some sample Twitter and Facebook messages you can use in your advocacy efforts.

Graphics to share on social media:
Murphy Bill infographic

Campaign graphic

Sample Tweets
Use the hashtags #RealMHChange and #ProtectPAIMI whenever possible when Tweeting.

  • We need #RealMHChange NOT #HR2646!
  • #HR2646 is a rollback to the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest days, NOT the #realmhchange we need!
  • Mass incarceration of ppl w/#mentalhealth needs must end. #HR2646 won’t address the problem. #realMHchange
  • Stand up for the civil rights of persons with #mentalhealth issues #protectpaimi #RealMHChange
  • A vote for #HR2646 is a vote AGAINST dignity&health&safety&civil rights of people labeled w/ serious mental illness #RealMHChange
  • #RealMHChange removes barriers to timely #mentalhealth supports 4 minority/underserved ppl. Murphy bill fails to do so.
  • #RealMHChange for low-income ppl means expanding Medicaid! Murphy bill doesn’t address this.
  • #HR2646 would return us to the failed policies of the past. America deserves better. #RealMHChange #protectpaimi
  • Tim Murphy received an A rating from the NRA. He wrongly scapegoats ppl w/MH disabilities for gun violence. #realmhchange
  • ALL people deserve the dignity of choice — especially when it comes to #mentalhealth care. #RealMHChange
  • #HR2646 would rob $$ from substance use TX to pay for unproven coercive #mentalhealth svcs. Bad idea #realmhchange
  • #HR2646 strips advocacy orgs of their ability to fight for rights & dignity in #mentalhealth care. #RealMHChange #protectpaimi
  • Spend $$ on community-based MH services that work, not forced tx. #HR2646 does the opposite. #RealMHChange
  • #HR2646 sends clear message: those w/MH diagnoses don’t deserve equal HIPAA privacy protections. #RealMHChange
  • Say yes to quality care, no to coercion for those with #mentalhealth needs. #RealMHChange
  • We must move #mentalhealth services closer to the community, not farther away into hospitals. #RealMHChange
  • #HR2646 wrongly emphasizes hospitalization for #mentalhealth needs best cared for in the community. #RealMHChange
  • Our mental health care system is broken. Congressman Murphy’s bill #HR2646 will make it worse. #RealMHChange
  • Make #mentalhealth care affordable & accessible, not costly & coercive. #RealMHChange
  • PAIMI does critical work. #HR2646 disempowers PAIMI #RealMHChange #protectPAIMI
  • The Murphy bill #HR2646 takes away choice/privacy from people with #mentalhealth needs. #RealMHChange
  • Over-reliance on hospitalization is expensive & less effective than community-based mental health care. #RealMHChange
  • “It’s for your own good.” Force and coercion come under many names. Murphy’s bill #HR2646 is one. #RealMHChange
  • #RealMHChange is funding prevention of crisis. #HR2646 would fuel a crisis based system

Tweet to Journalists:

Journalists have overwhelming only covered the “pro” side of the Murphy Bill. Please encourage them to seek out opposing viewpoints. You can generally look up journalists covering mental health policy by name on Twitter.

Facebook messages
Feel free to use these, or create your own!

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 2646) will make our broken system worse.

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 2646) is legislation that would curtain the civil liberties and privacy rights of persons with mental health conditions. We can do better!

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 2646) scapegoats people with mental health disabilities for violence in our nation, increasing fear and discrimination.

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 2646) will roll back the clock to the days when we warehoused people in institutions, and will restrict the activities of PAIMI legal advocacates to protect their rights and lives.

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